I think that Peter Pan is an "exemplary school"...
When I started writing this text for Peter Pan, three words came effortlessly into my mind that absolutely characterise it: consistency, discipline, principles. These elements should be the basic criteria for parents who need to make a choice about their child's school.
I decided that this school was the right one without a second thought when I first visited it and met its director, Mrs. Marianna Lagou. After a lot of research, this school met the majority of the criteria that, as parents, we had in mind for our final selection. My intuition, along with everything I saw and heard, were enough to understand that this was the perfect school for our little Danae.
The next move was the creation of her personal relationship with the school and the teachers. I think all children's instincts are usually correct, especially those of a sensitive 2 year old, and it was her attitude and her immediate acceptance of the school that confirmed our choice from the first day she passed through Peter Pan' s doors.
I could say a lot about the four years that we went to Peter Pan. However, I will just mention briefly the following:

  • Excellent collaboration between of parents and teachers
  • Full compliance with the regulations and discipline
  • Respect for the personality and individuality of each child
  • Excellent way of learning English and Greek in the Kindergarten
  • Developing teamwork
  • Developing the children's talents
  • Reward, self-esteem reinforcement, encouragement and support through the teaching methods
  • Tactful way of handling problems due to "delinquent" behaviour, and
  • Of course, the great teachers (who are certainly selected based on very strict criteria).

  • Ms. Adelina and all the teachers deserve huge congratulations for their love towards the children, but also for their consistency. I would like to make special mention of Mrs. Marianna Lagou - I believe that Peter Pan is an "exemplary school" because of her personal knowledge, requirements and choice. I do not want to use the word "nursery school", because it does not characterise it properly... Peter Pan is a school of knowledge, character shaping and principles. I would like to say THANK YOU, because with the love, knowledge and proper guidance that our little Danae received during her stay, she made the next step fully familiar with the principles and concepts of school. Finally, all I can say is that anything less than, or different from, Peter Pan is a choice that lowers the bar!

    Yours Sincerely,
    PhaedraTsiaka - Papageorgiou
    I knew this was the school I was looking for...
    In March 2009 I was desperately looking for an ideal nursery for my first-born daughter; there were many choices, yet nothing was good enough for my precious daughter. My last stop was Peter Pan. After an hour here, I knew this was the school I was looking for. I met a passionate woman, Mrs. Lagou, the Head, owner and teacher at the school, who had a vision about education and a love for children. I saw a very clean and safe environment full of vibrant colours and creative corners. I saw the possibilities for the growth and development of different personalities.

    And I was not proved wrong! "We" attended the school for four years - my eldest daughter for two years and my youngest for another two - and I remember that time with fondness. My two girls, who were at first shy and reserved, were allowed to gain self-confidence, take part in collective activities and learn how to take initiative. The school provided them with stimuli, images and experiences to help them discover knowledge. They cultivated principles and values that supported our, the parents', work. Discipline and structure in combination with play enabled my daughters to learn the concept of freedom within certain boundaries and always being respectful of others.

    Equal importance was placed on learning. When my daughters finished Peter Pan, both at nearly 6 years old, they could read and write in both English and Greek, they knew about Renoir, Picasso, Verdi, Mozart, the 12 Olympian Gods, the voting procedure, the vital organs of the human body, how to count up to 100, add and subtract double digit numbers and much more. Let us not forget that Peter Pan is an English-speaking school and children learn to speak English with excellent pronunciation.

    It is my belief that the earlier the children embark on the wonderful journey of learning, the more they will have the ability to ask for, to acquire, and to become, happy in life. And Peter Pan gave us this opportunity!

    Thank you Peter Pan!
    Thank you Miss Adelina!
    Thank you Mrs Evans!
    Thank you Miss Dora!
    Thank you Miss Ann!
    Thank you Miss Maria!
    But above all, thank you Mrs. Marianna

    Take care!
    Athina Hatzi-Sigouna
    I highly recommend the school to all my friends...
    It is now a few months since my daughter finished Peter Pan, and I have decided to write about how I feel whenever I pass outside the school or when I see the school bus driving past my house. We both feel a great joy and emotion for this school, which I have come to realise more now that we have left.

    The work that was done during the 4 years that my daughter spent there was amazing, and the knowledge that she acquired is truly remarkable for a child of only 6 years old. This is clearly evident now in the way that she has settled in at her new school and how well she is dealing with the demands of the curriculum.

    At a learning level, my daughter was very well prepared in both English and Greek, which is again noticeable in the ease with which she approaches all school subjects.

    Moreover, as far as her personality is concerned, I have only the best to say about the school that managed to 'shape' children (also judging from my daughter's friends) who are confident, independent and self-sufficient, while at the same time affectionate and considerate, with good manners and principles.

    Looking back, I have no regrets whatsoever in my choice and I highly recommend the school to all my friends and people I know.

    Lilian Lappa
    "I wish there was also a Peter Pan primary school!"...
    Our experience with Peter Pan started with my daughter and continued with my son. This is my son's last year and I am really pleased that I have the opportunity to share my opinion about the school. "I wish there was also a Peter Pan primary school!" This is what we repeat very often with the other mothers! It is about the best choice we can make for our children.

    The foundation that our children acquired in terms of consistency, participation, order, confidence and sheer amount of knowledge is of an extremely high level. I dare say that in Peter Pan there are no bad students, and there are no problematic children, which proves to me that the school system functions very well. Already, by age four and five, the children know how to write and read in both languages that are taught. Moreover, they have a knowledge of history through their participation in the celebrations that are organised with enthusiasm by the school. They expand their creativity through lessons in music, dance, painting and theatre, all of which are taught by different teachers, actors, musicians and dancers. I must also add that these teachers are also native speakers, just like the English and Greek language teachers.

    After the children leave Peter Pan and go to primary school, the school still communicates with the parents to find out about the children's news in their new classes, which is a pleasant surprise. Even on celebration days, when primary schools are closed, Peter Pan hold informal reunion parties with older students, like my daughter, who is looking forward to an opportunity to return to her old favourite school...

    Thanks for everything Peter Pan
    Rania Ragou
    It stands out for its organization the methodology...
    It stands out for its organization the methodology PETER PAN is an excellent school with extremely remarkable educational results. In my experience, from 2007 until now as a mother of two children, I think it is a dynamic organisation that continually evolves, improves and adapts to modern educational needs. The organisation stands out in terms of the methodology it applies, the safety it provides, its excellent personnel, pleasant surroundings, impressive celebrations... and so much more!

    The greatest proof of all this are the children, its graduates. As students of the first grade of primary school they stand out due to their fluency and their reading and writing in Greek and English. I would like to say WELL DONE and THANK YOU to the team at PETER PAN and particularly its management group for the quality of their work, their consistency and their professionalism!

    Voula, 15/2/2012
    Effie Papagaryfallou
    A big thank you is really not enough to express our satisfaction...
    From the first moment we saw the surroundings in Peter Pan, full of colour and light, we thought that it would be the ideal first contact with school for our 3-year-old son. We immediately noticed the warmth and love of the personnel, but also the safety that discipline and strict compliance to rules provided, two characteristics that are clearly applied by all children. During his stay, our son matured socially, gained courage, confidence and the knowledge that is normally acquired in the first years of primary school. One of the most important and distinctive features of the school is the emphasis given on learning English through enjoyable activities, which leads young students to a very satisfactory level at an early stage of their education.

    With our three years' experience of Peter Pan and its activities, we are especially happy to have known and worked with such great personnel, and believe our son to be very lucky to have acquired such good cognitive and social skills. We would have been delighted to continue on to the next level of education in this school - it would have given us great pleasure and a feeling of security. A big thank you is really not enough to express our satisfaction for everything that we learned in this time. We hope you stay well and continue your very valuable work.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Giannis & Ioanna Elefsinioti
    This was the environment I was looking for...
    Nursery school and kindergarten are our children's first experience of education, their first contact with the outer world. The first day in nursery school is a significant moment in the life of both the child and family. For this reason, parents look for a nursery school that motivates their children's interest, promotes the harmonious development of their mental, physical and spiritual abilities and aims for the creation of complete personalities. This was the environment I was looking for and I found it at the English-speaking nursery school, "PETER PAN".

    The purpose of this school is not to raise wise children, but happy children. The highly-trained school personnel make the child feel safe because they create an environment as affectionate as home, they ensure emotional stability and mental development, and they search for each child's special talents, developing them and making every child feel unique. The high-quality English and Greek education prepares children for admission to any school of their parents' choice.

    Elpida Kavallieratou
    It is a nursery school that provides children knowledge, morals and values ...
    I would like to thank the administration of Peter Pan and the rest of the personnel for the way they have embraced my children all these years. I want to assure all parents who are thinking of sending their children to Peter Pan to do so without a second thought. It is a nursery school that provides children with knowledge, morals and values.

    After my first child went into the first class of Primary School I realised how well prepared he was from his time at Peter Pan. He did not face any difficulty and, within a month, had adapted to the increased demands of school. As a result, his confidence was boosted and his progress was excellent. I hope they continue doing the thing they know so well and love for many years to come. Again, many thanks from the bottom of my heart!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Gianna Stasinopoulou
    Peter Pan School helped my daughter develop her personality and abilities...
    After almost three years since my acquaintance with Peter Pan School, with the Administration and its personnel, I would like to express my warm thanks to all the staff, for the warm hug and substantive knowledge that they offered to my daughter.

    Peter Pan School helped my daughter develop her personality and abilities, while at the same time set the foundations of the English language to such an extent that before she even finished nursery school, she was able to understand and speak English at a sufficient level, as well as read and write small stories. In addition, special emphasis is given on Greek history and children gain a knowledge and understanding of our history and traditions from an early age. Above all, the most important thing to me is that my child is very happy to go to school and always has a smile on her face. Choosing Peter Pan for the first and most tender years of my daughter has proved an excellent choice and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

    Kind Regards,
    Androniki Poulou
    You helped us set solid foundations for two children...
    Thank you for helping us grow together and set solid foundations for two children all these years. Words are unnecessary!! You know how much we appreciate you and you will always have a special place in our hearts.

    With love and appreciation,
    Vlachopoulou Family
    School year 2006-2012
    We do not say "adieu" or goodbye.
    Dear Peter Pan,...
    Thank you so much for giving us unforgettable moments that we shall always take with us. For sure, this is a period of our lives we will never forget. We love PETER PAN and we will miss you so much!

    With lots of love,
    Emma & Zoe Costanzo
    They were always there to guide them with love...
    We thank the personnel of Peter Pan from our hearts for the four years that our children attended this school. They were always there to guide them with love in the first and crucial years of their school life. We are grateful for your amazing work, for everything!

    Nikitas & Anna Sykaras
    Words are not enough

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