About Us

When children begin their education at Peter Pan, they embark on an important journey of discovery where we lay the foundation stones for a lifelong love of learning! Intrinsic to our ethos is our commitment to equipping our children with the vital skills and attitudes they need in order to strive to be the best they can. We encourage our children to be happy and self-assured individuals, while at the same time helping them to achieve the best academic results they can.

We nurture each child's sense of dignity and self-esteem through their achievements, whether they are academic, artistic or sporting. Fostering a love of learning is absolutely fundamental, alongside the development of traditional values such as respect, good behaviour and communication.

Peter Pan School

19 Vassileos Georgiou B,
Voula, 16673
Tel: 2108954480, 210 8959858
Fax: 210 8952074

E-mail: info@peterpanschool.gr